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Posted by Veronique on September 20th, 2021
Two new interviews

GINGER SNAPS: Katharine Isabelle On Planned TV Revival And Whether She’d Return To The Franchise

Talking to us about her role in Night of the Animated Dead, the original Scream Queen, Katharine Isabelle, weighs in on the planned Ginger Snaps TV series and whether she’d like to be involved in some way.

Ginger Snaps is a legit cult classic; released in 2000, the Canadian horror movie starred Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle as two teenage sisters who have a fascination with death (however, things take a very unexpected turn when they’re both bitten by werewolves). It was followed by Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning, and remains beloved to this day.

Last year, we learned that John Fawcett, the co-creator and director of the original film, is looking to resurrect the franchise as a TV series. He also co-created Orphan Black, and with Anna Ssemuyaba (Guerilla) on writing duties, we have a lot of reasons to be excited about this one as it takes shape.

Talking to Isabelle about her role in Night of the Animated Dead, we asked for her thoughts on the show and whether she would like to be involved in some capacity.

“I’m very, very happy and very supportive of giving Ginger another reincarnation,” the actress told us earlier this week. “I think that was always in the back of their heads since day one that there would be some kind of series at some point, maybe. The fact that John Fawcett has got together with the producers of Killing Eve…I just can’t even imagine how freaking cool that would be.”

“Of course, I would do anything that they requested of me if they should request anything of me at all,” Isabelle said of a possible return. “I definitely think that character and that story is still very relevant these days, and the sort of themes that went along with the feminist and the sisterhood and the fight against your own body and your own base instincts is all very relevant. I think they’ll do an amazing job and I’m just as excited as anybody else to see it! [Laughs]”

We’d be surprised if Isabelle doesn’t get a cameo role of some sort, though it’s currently unclear whether this show is a full-blown reboot/reimagining or a continuation of the original movies. It is, of course, possible the new Ginger Snaps will be a bit of both, but it’s seemingly still in the early stages.

Source: Comicbookmovie.com

HANNIBAL Star Katharine Isabelle Reveals Plans For Margot Verger If The Series Ever Returns

Hannibal ended on a major cliffhanger, and talk has persisted of a revival ever since. Now, Margot Verger actress Katharine Isabelle reveals what creator Bryan Fuller has planned for her character…

We recently caught up with Katharine Isabelle to discuss her role as Barbara in Night of the Animated Dead, an animated retelling of George A. Romero’s 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead. It’s set to be released digitally on September 21, and on Blu-Ray Combo Pack & DVD on October 5.

One of the many places you’ll likely recognise Isabelle from is Hannibal. The series ran from 2013 – 2015 and ended before its time. Since then, talks of a revival have never gone away, so we had to ask the actress if she might be back as Margot Verger. After murdering her brother, Mason, she went on the run under threat of death from Dr. Lecter, but there’s definitely room for her story to continue.

“I have been told so by our incredible creator Bryan Fuller,” Isabelle responded when asked about the possibilty of returing to the role. “I do know that he has ideas for Margot’s continuing life in the future. There was some talk of her turning their slaughterhouse empire into, like, a vegan something or other to change the world in a positive way. I would hope so, of course, and I absolutely love that show.”

“I still haven’t seen the final two episodes because, to me, and I do this with books and TV shows I love, if I don’t finish it, it’s not over [Laughs]. So, I actually haven’t seen the last two episodes of Hannibal because I’m just like, ‘No, it’s fine. I still have that to go back to. It’s not over for me.’”

Things have been quiet on the Hannibal front for a while now, but Mads Mikkelsen said earlier this year that talks have been “revitalised” since the entire series was added to Netflix. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but we’re certainly intrigued to see what could become of that slaughterhouse!

Source: Comicbookmovie.com

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