Welcome to Katharine Isabelle Fan, the latest online resource dedicated to the talented Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle. Katie has been in TV shows like "Endgame", "Hannibal", "Little Dog" and she's currently starring in Netflix's "The Order". She has also been in movies such as "Ginger Snaps", "American Mary", "Torment", "88" and "Countdown". This site is online to show our support to the actress Katharine Isabelle, as well as giving her fans a chance to get the latest news and images.

Articles and Interviews

* 2019-06-26 – Horror Queers: Ginger Snaps (2000) feat. Ariel Fisher (Audio interview)
* 2019-02-07 – Little Dog’s Katharine Isabelle on What Ginny May Be Trying to Hide


* 2017-09-04 – Katharine Isabelle (30 Days of Night: Dark Days)


* 2016-05-04 – Katharine Isabelle Talks Life, Career and How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town
* 2016-02-26 – The Biz Interview: Crazy8s 2016 Actors


* 2015-12-23 – INTERVIEW: Katherine Isabelle on Hannibal Season 3
* 2015-10-19 – THN Speaks With Hannibal’s Katharine Isabelle!
* 2015-05-17 – The Mary Sue Interview: Katharine Isabelle on 88, Hannibal, and Why She Likes Playing (and Working With!) Horror’s “Timeless Bitches”
* 2015-05-15 – Interview: Katharine Isabelle (88)
* 2015-05-08 – INTERVIEW: Katharine Isabelle, Low Budget Muse
* 2015-05 – Pursuit: Interview with Katharine Isabelle
* 2015-02-08 – Finding a Place: Katharine Isabelle on Torment (2013)
* 2015-01-26 – Shooting Horror: A Conversation with Katharine Isabelle
* 2015-01-22 – Katharine Isabelle on Torment, the Soskas and Hannibal
* 2015-01-19 – Katharine Isabelle interview
* 2015-01-06 – Katharine Isabelle interviews for “88”


* 2014-11-23 – Interview: Katharine Isabelle Talks See No Evil 2
* 2014-10-26 – Exclusive Interview: Katharine Isabelle on SEE NO EVIL 2 and HANNIBAL Season 3
* 2014-10-21 – Katharine Isabelle: Scream Queen of the North
* 2014-10-16 – Katharine Isabelle Talks See No Evil 2 and Hannibal
* 2014-09-25 – Shock Interview: Katharine Isabelle Talks Hannibal & See No Evil 2
* 2014-06-09 – Katharine Isabelle talks about her ‘Torment’


* 2013-09-05 – American Mary: Q&A with actress Katharine Isabelle
* 2013-07-31 – Body Modification, Exploitation, And Going Dark With ‘American Mary’ Star Katherine Isabelle
* 2013-07-22 – Interview with Katherine Isabelle & the Soska twins
* 2013-06-17 – Telling Her Horror Story: Scream Queen Katharine Isabelle Rules
* 2013-06-03 – 6 Questions With: Katharine Isabelle – Star of American Mary
* 2013-05-30 – American Mary’s Katharine Isabelle – The Sinful Celluloid Interview
* 2013-05-30 – Horrorphilia Interviews Podcast: Katharine Isabelle from American Mary
* 2013-05-29 – DEVIANT INTERVIEW: Katharine Isabelle
* 2013-05-17 – Exclusive Interview: Katharine Isabelle talks American Mary
* 2013-05-15 – Katherine Isabelle On The Insight Of ‘American Mary’ And The Legacy Of ‘Ginger Snaps’!
* 2013-05-15 – Shock Interview: Katharine Isabelle of American Mary
* 2013-02-28 – An Interview with The Movie out Here’s Katharine Isabelle
* 2013-01-24 – Interview: The Soska Twins & Katharine talk about their new film, American Mary
* 2013-01-22 – The Soska Sisters & Katharine Isabelle Interview
* 2013-01-21 – Interview: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, Katharine Isabelle | AMERICAN MARY
* 2013-01-15 – The American Mary interview: Katharine Isabelle, Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska
* 2013-01-14 – Interview: Katharine Isabelle, Jen & Sylvia Soska On American Mary
* 2013-01-11 – American Mary: Interview with Jen and Sylvia Soska and Katharine Isabelle


* 2001-10-30 – Katharine Isabelle Ginger Snaps Interview


* 2000-10-26 – Ginger Snaps Interview

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Official Katharine Isabelle Links


Current & Upcoming Project #1
The Order

Role: Vera Stone
Release Date
Season 1: 7 March 2019 / Season 2: 2020
Jack Morton is a freshman at College. Out for revenge against those that killed his mother, Jack pledges himself to a secret society known as The Order. Thrust into the world of magic, and supernatural horrors as Jack delves deeper into the world of The Order he discovers there is an ongoing war between the Werewolves and Magical Dark Arts users.

Current & Upcoming Project #2
Little Dog

Role: Ginny Ross
Release Date:
Season 2: 17 January 2019
Five years after walking out on the championship welterweight boxing match with Rico "Havoc" St. George, Tommy "Little Dog" Ross, stemming from a specific incident, decides to mount a comeback. Tommy has to overcome many obstacles for this comeback, many of those obstacles being psychological, including his then girlfriend Pamela eventually changing camp in becoming Rico's wife, and members of his dysfunctional family focusing in their own individual issues which may be in direct competition with Tommy's goals. In the latter item is his father, Lowly Ross Sr., being charged and convicted for attempted manslaughter days before the bout five years ago, he still incarcerated. But there may be some who truly do provide their support that may fuel Tommy's drive to make a better life.

Current & Upcoming Project #3
Where We Disappear

Role: Lubov
Release Date:
World Premiere at Dances WIth Films: 21 June 2019
“Where We Disappear” is a survival drama about a woman’s first night in a Soviet prison camp. When Anastasia is sentenced to a Soviet prison camp, her arrival upsets the balance between the inmates. In a night of backstabbing and shifting alliances, she must find a way to survive.

Current & Upcoming Project #4
The Green Sea

Role: Simone
Release Date: Unknown
A heavy metal musician lives a life of isolation until her world changes by the appearance of a strange young girl.

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